6. The annotate module


The annotate performs de novo, and optionally reference-based, genome annotation on a set of assemblies.

6.1. Sample sheet preparation

If the user has previously run the assemble module without annotation, the resulting samplesheet samplesheet.asm_pass.tsv can be used directly to drive the annotate module.

Otherwise, the user should prepare a comma-separated samplesheet following the column order below.

  1. Sample ID
  2. Sample Name (can be the same as Sample ID; the intention is to allow a more understandable sample reference in the future)
  3. Full path to assembly file


6.2. Command line arguments

The command bgrrl -h or bgrrl <stage> -h (or --help instead of -h) will display a list of command line options.

Remember each bgrr| run requires at the very least the following three command line parameters:

  • input_sheet
  • --config
  • --hpc_config

6.2.1. annotate options:

  • --custom-prokka-proteins CUSTOM_PROKKA_PROTEINS

    If you have a custom protein database that you would like prokka to use (prokka’s --proteins option), then specify the path to it here. [n/a]

  • --ratt-reference RATT_REFERENCE

    Path to reference data for ratt annotation transfer

  • --no-packaging

    Disable automatic packaging. [False]

  • --prokka-package-style {by_sample,all_in_one}

    Should the prokka annotation be packaged into one directory per sample (by_sample) or into one single directory (all_in_one)? [by_sample]